Thoughts On Painting

Like most of us, I began painting soon after learning to walk.  Unlike many, drawing and painting has been my constant companion since.  Currently, I paint weekly with a group of friends known only to themselves as the Dumpster School.  My subjects range from local architecture and landscapes to still life objects.  Watercolor has been my media of choice primarily because of it’s simplicity and portability, painting outside is a particular pleasure.

Watercolor is a fascinating medium, it has a mind of its own.  I find my major task in painting is getting out of the way, both spiritually and physically.  Spiritually, so that I can see the painting as it unfolds – without the filter of a concept or abstract notion.  Physically, so that I don’t interfere with the paint’s own mixing – directly on the paper.  I believe that a painting is a painting, that it must stand on it’s own as a collection of colored blotches on white paper, a collection that has the ability, if organized properly, to bring life to the world where none existed before.  Subject matter is only a starting point for my paintings, an organizing framework for color and value.